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The fun part with languages is that the words we use have different meanings when interpreted in different ways in different sentences. When we search the literal meaning of the word “tattva” we may find numerous words associated with its meaning. In this blog of ours what we mean by the word, “tattva” is the qualities that make the food “ORGANIC”. When we say “ORGANIC TATTVA” we mean by the qualities or the attributes that make it what it is- “the savior”.

Organic Tattva or the attributes

Nutritious, fresh, non-toxic, longer shelf life, and tasty are just a few attributes of organic food, be it vegetables or fruits, or grains. Organic food is the cultivation of the practices that were followed decades ago. It is cultivated by practices that do not involve the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides or any other substances that prepared artificially. “What you sow is what you reap” the saying goes so much with the current scenario.

Naturally grown carrot

When we see the seeds that obtained by natural processes i.e., not sowing GMOs, nurturing them with the practices that practiced since ages. Not practicing the conventional form of agriculture and not contaminating our food with chemicals. What do you think is going to be the end product? “ORGANIC FOOD” obviously and the nurturing that the crop receives gives it the “ORGANIC TATTVA” the term that we got acquaint with.

Benefits of Organic Tattva

Innumerable benefits are there when we become consumers of organic food. The person who consumes organic food remains healthy both physically and mentally. The mere consumption of organic food is the cure for many diseases. Another everyday saying that I note of is “prevention is better than cure”. Organic food that has “organic tattva” is the first step in preventing many deadly diseases like cancer. 

Many physiological problems that people face today are because of the wrong consumption choices that people make. We have an opportunity to correct what we’ve been doing wrong all these days. As simple choices, we make cause great changes in us. By making the right choice of opting for organic food we can save nature and save ourselves.

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