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The fun part with languages is that the words we use have different meanings when interpreted in different ways in different sentences. When we search the literal meaning of the word “tattva” we may find numerous words associated with its meaning. In this blog of ours what we mean by the word, “tattva” [...]
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Who are we? We are a group of nature lovers and environment enthusiasts turned entrepreneurs. We have observed the ill effects of conventional farming on nature and human beings for a long time. Every time we questioned ourselves, is there something that can be done to prevent those ill effects? Can we bring [...]
0 Jowar OrganicDukaan
One of the most sought-after cereal after wheat and rice is jowar. Earlier it was one of the most consumed cereals in India, even more than wheat. Post green revolution when the production of wheat was humongous the demand and production of jowar saw a steep decline. But of late the demand for [...]
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Many of us as children hated to eat Shimla Mirch. There were very few of us who loved to eat Shimla Mirch. I am definitely not one of those. We as children had an extra advantage of doing “nakhras” in front of our parents to grab some extra attention. Let’s also not forget [...]
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What is meant by fitness? The literal meaning of fitness is being physically strong and healthy. Who doesn’t want to fit these days? Everybody wants to fit, look good in all the kinds of clothes we wear. But is it just sufficient to want or desire to be and look fit? No, it [...]
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What is child growth? According to the University of Nottingham “child development and growth is defined as a process by which a child changes over time. It covers the whole period from conception to an individual becoming a fully functioning adult. It’s a journey from total dependence to total independence.” Remember those days [...]
0 Organic food is 10x better OrganicDukaan
Immunity explained If there’s but one word that we have used more than ever in the last year, it is IMMUNITY. “Immunity refers to the resistance exhibited by the host towards injury caused by microorganisms and their products”. Protection against infectious diseases is only one among many functions performed by an immune response. [...]
0 The key to a greener Earth
Imagine a beautiful weekend morning, you wake up lousy from your bed. Go to the washroom and turn on the tap of your wash basin, you discover that there is no water. You try all your methods to get water to the overhead tank of the place where you live. NOTHING happens. The [...]
Why are people attracted towards organic food? Is it simply a new trend? Or is it a new concept of food? Why are the doctors recommending it? Will it stop the aging or make your hair grow again? There are a lot of questions around the word “Organic”. So what is it exactly? [...]